Red Tag

Furnace warning tags - are assigned to furnaces by an authorized technician in order to indicate that the equipment is no longer safe to use and that it either needs to be replaced or repaired. If one of our professionals at Prestige Mechanical Ltd. finds a warning tag, they may be obligated by law to turn off your gas supply so that those working in or visiting your business location remain safe.

If in the event that we find an Enbridge Red Tag we will inspect your system and inform you of the next steps that need to be taken. There are two types of red tags; Type A tag and a Type B tag. Type A tags are used in cases in which an immediate danger is present, such as when a severe carbon monoxide leak is occurring. Type B tags are used when the appliance does not pose an immediate or severe safety risk to those in the building. You will have a specific time period to replace or repair your system once you receive a tag.

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