Has the HVAC system stopped working? Is time to purchase a new system? Prestige Mechanical Ltd. is highly skilled to accompany you during the process, from start to finish, when you need new cooling installations for chillers or cooling towers. With over 20 years of experience in the field we will make it stress free for you. Our team will assist you in selecting, installing, and controlling your new system.

Selecting your new system can be tricky when your not an expert in the field. Our team is here to educate and inform you of the benefits of each system that they think would be appropriate and meet the needs of your commercial or industrial building.

Once you've decided what system would be appropriate for your building, we will schedule a time for installation that works best for you. We will preform the installation in a professional manor. Once the cooling installation is completed we will help you learn the basics of operating your new cooling system, so you can effectively and efficiently control the temperature in your environment.

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